Amol Gadre

Founder and CEO


Amol is an all rounder who is at the helm of the affairs of our group for almost 13 years now. It is his in-depth knowledge of systems, solutioning prowess, experience working with global clients and above all being a great driving force for the team, that keeps us running efficiently and enthusiastically.

Amol forms the bridge between the clients and our engineering and solutioning teams. This allows information and solutions to move seamlessly and swiftly through him. Amol engages our clients in understanding their business and where they want to go, and then quickly comes up with plans that would break up all business requirements into a list of achievable targets for the team. He then works with the team in providing architecting and engineering solutions. He is a very good functional architect who knows a good deal of technology. This allows him to instantly connect with our clients, provide them with a rough outline of solutions, and getting those solutions designed and developed from our efficient engineering team.

Amol provides a balanced leadership, meeting customer expectations with effective and quick solutions. He pushes the team to get better and better with their solutioning skills. This is all done with a smile and playful manner that makes projects an enjoyable experience for our clients and engineering teams, notwithstanding the challenges that are part of big, complex projects.