Case Studies

IAAS Billing System for a US based Cloud Service Provider Case Study

IAAS Billing System for a US based Cloud Service Provider easily meets the 4 business defined KRAs

This is a case study of a US Based Infrastructure As A Service provider. This company provides a host of cloud computing services such as the VMs, the VPCs, storage devices, memory, different computing processors (CPUs). We integrated with the client’s order streaming application that captures the resource usage: its creation or inception, suspension, resumption, shutting down, or decommissioning. A customized billing mediation module is implemented such that the usage of each cloud resource is tracked, rated, and charged accurately.

telecom billing

Implementation of a full fledged Telecom Billing System for an Australian Company

Implemented a full fledged Telecom Billing System for an Australian Telecom Company which provides their subscribers with various telecom services, such as mobile services, internet services, fixed line services and VoIP services. For each type of service, they had 2 or 3 different service providers or carriers who were providing the underlying networks and infrastructure.


Billing and Revenue Management System for a Multi-brand Business Communications Company

This is a case study of a multi brand, multi country product company with much of their business based on answering services catering to different sectors like Call Centers for businesses and franchises, Live Call Answering for Legal and Medical fields, business phone systems and a lead qualification service.

MultiLine Mobile App Service

Billing and Mediation System for a MultiLine Mobile App Service

This is a case study of a US Based MultiLine mobile app service which provides a second, secure business number for voice, text, and WhatsApp conversations. This service is targeted for B2B use, offering additional mobile numbers to employees of an organisation without having to add new sims, thus avoiding personal number use for official business.

Billing For Internet Radio

Consumption Billing for an Internet Radio Streaming Company

This is a case study of a company based in the US which provides the hosting and internet streaming services. Their business model is to provide these services to the Radio Stations so that these stations can avail the streaming service over the internet and reach more and more audience over the internet. They have about 400 Radio Stations as their customers.

Production Support

Production Support of Billing Systems

Supporting more than a dozen clients to resolve technical and billing issues in production systems. A dedicated team of engineers to support operations and smooth functioning of businesses heavily relying on their billing systems. Level 1 to Level 4 support with standard SLAs.

PCI Compliance

Payment Gateway Implementation for Cloud Service for PCI Compliance

Designed and developed Stripe integration with client’s billing system using Java based integration. Data migration of all customers to Stripe from existing gateway that was non-PCI compliant implementation. Implemented automatic update of the credit card info on the billing application using Stripe. Helped client become PCI compliant with this project.

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvements of Cloud based Batch Processes using Spring Batch

Maintain & support a billing engine for client’s cloud platform. Parallel processing introduced for batch process that generated invoices through multi-threaded parallel processing strategy. Invoice generation process times brought down by over 100%. This helped speed up client’s operations and accounts functions.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integrations and Reconciliation

Designed and developed Payment Gateway plugins for integrations with PayPal, Payflow (ACH), Payout Express Checkout, Paypal IPN, Paysafe, Worldpay, Stripe, EP2 (Australia),, Bank of America Payment Gateway, Paytrace, Braintree, Postfinance and more. Desgined and implemented Payment Reconciliation system for Bank of America payments.