Sarathi Softech offers a billing platform to automate and manage various billing processes, including invoicing, payment processing, and subscription management. EarnBill has a wide range of features that can be customized to fit the needs of various businesses. EarnBill can be used as a standalone billing system or integrated with other business applications.

We follows the Customers for Life Philosophy, literally. We invest in solutions and developments for smooth functioning of our clients’ systems.

BillingHub Customer jBilling

Sarathi Softech has been a long standing partner for Enterprise jBilling, serving them with engineering expertise, QA services, and providing complex billing solutions to their clients. We have ensured success with multiple jBilling implementations. Sarathi is also involved with the support and maintenance of all of the jBilling’s implementations, ensuring stable performance by the billing system and resolving issues in a timely manner. Sarathi Softech has been the core engineering team for Enterprise jBilling platform over the years. Sarathi Softech has brought in many platform improvements and developments in adding newer functionalities to the platform.

BillingHub Customer Aden Net

Aden Net is a SIM based internet services provider company in Aden city, Yemen. Aden Net provides various internet usage packages to their subscribers on prepaid charging model. They also provide international calling using an International Gateway (IGW) that facilitates connecting of calls amongst multiple carriers. Sarathi Softech has successfully implemented for them the prepaid billing system using the OCS (Online Charging System) which supports thousands of concurrent sessions and ability to scale to higher loads. The stability of our prepaid billing solution enables Aden Net to focus on bringing in new business by actuating more sales and launching newer services.

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