Implement the Billing System which is highly customizable to handle your complex billing. Also, you don’t have to rely on Billing Software Vendor for support. You may choose any of our offerings to train your team to support your billing system requirements. Or, get the EarnBill Support from us as per your business requirements.

EarnBill Training

We provide web-based training access to all our customers where you can learn EarnBill. The training is a combination of pre-recorded videos and live sessions. As EarnBill is built on top of jBilling, so the recorded videos will be provided by jBilling’s company, while the live sessions will be conducted by EarnBill’s Techno Functional expert to answer any questions you may have.

User Training provided by BillingHub

User Training

You will learn how to use all of the current features of EarnBill, so that you can use it successfully on a day to day basis. Your billing, accounting, and customer service staff will benefit greatly from this training.

Administrator Training

There is no doubt that the billing system administrator plays a key role within your company. For administrators, we offer additional training so that they will be able to configure the parameters of EarnBill without any problems. This will enable them to keep up with your business, in addition to answering any questions that your staff may have.

Administrator Training will be provided by BillingHub

A for Application, B for Billing …. E for EarnBill

EarnBill Support

Technical support and maintenance is a very crucial area of any successful billing system implementation. The billing and revenue management systems are at the core (like an engine) of the entire software ecosystem for the telecom companies, cloud companies or any other domains that depend on successful business cycles. The most important aspect is the completion and closure of a business cycle by charging your clients and then realizing the revenue to keep your business functioning in a healthy manner. The billing and revenue management systems are integrated with the CRM systems, provisioning systems, accounting systems and your customer self care portals. 

As such, the billing and revenue systems can be categorized as mission critical systems. As we get automated systems, we do get technical problems. Most of the problems are related to the customizations and time that must be endured to get the systems stabilized with the set of customisations that are built into the system. 

This is where our technical support team comes in and makes life easy for your billing team. We completely own up the system issues and the impacts that such software issues cause onto your charging. Our technical support team not only tries to resolve the issues but also provides regular maintenance releases, we also work hard to avoid problems in your implementations, using our experience and expertise. The proactive approach than a reactive one ensures faster stability of the system and smoother operations for your business.

Our Offerings

Each of the above offerings can be augmented with the optional AMC packages and Professional Services as and when required.

In each of our offerings, we remain available to you, just one email or phone call away. These models have been designed keeping in mind requirements of different companies and cultures. If you are interested in doing everything on your own, We will just provide you with the license and adequate training on the platform to let you drive the implementation and operations. The BOT and managed billing as a service models allow you to engage us on a more long term basis if that suits your company’s requirements better.

Get the jBilling Support from dedicated support team

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