What does an ad hoc invoice mean?

In general, ad hoc invoicing is something that has been prepared or used for some special and immediate purpose, without well planning. In other words, it is more of serving the purpose of as and when required.

The EarnBill’s ad hoc invoice feature offers great flexibility in terms of usability plus automating things where you can provide customers and products along with the respective quantities (being sold) in a CSV file. After that, feed the CSV file to the EarnBill system by uploading it – that’s all, the rest will be taken care of by the system.

What are the key highlights?

  • Provides a simple UI for easy usability and operational handling.
  • Creates an order with supplied quantities for the given customer.
  • Generates an EarnBill Invoice (customised invoice as per your requirement).
  • Option to generate an e-invoice with an IRN number (Specific to India).
  • Option to download GSTR-1 JSON file (Specific to India).
  • Permission-based feature.

More Insights

The feature provides you with a simple UI to upload the CSV file in a predefined format with the required data/inputs. The further process is automated in such a way that it creates an order and generates a custom invoice automatically. The UI displays the generated invoice number to allow you to preview the invoice details. The invoice PDF can also be downloaded before sending it to the customer.Considering the e-invoicing mandate in India, there is an option to generate an e-invoice as well – the system internally takes care of sending it to the Govt IRP portal for obtaining an IRN number. With this, you get an IRN number printed on your invoice and the same can be sent to the customer.
Additionally, the feature comes with an option to download the GSTR-1 JSON file to facilitate your GST tax returns as per Govt of India regulations.

The feature can be enabled with 2 preferences, one for ad hoc invoice (for uploading CSV file and finally generating invoice for review) and another for generating e-invoice.

What are the benefits?

  • Businesses can avail of this feature to automate their manual work loads in a few steps.
  • Businesses can use it to comply with e-invoice requirements in India.
  • Businesses can use the feature to get the GSTR1 JSON file for filing tax returns in India.
  • A separate set of permissions will help businesses to assign tasks/jobs to different individuals based on their roles in the organisation. One role can generate the invoice, and another can review it and generate an e-invoice with the IRN number.

Additional References:
The Indian Govt e invoicing portal

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