How telecom billing software differentiates you? or How to create a USP for your telecom business? This question can generate some interesting opinions within your business strategy teams and can be part of an introspection mechanism. This blog post is an attempt to share some suggestions and points that you can consider in your internal discussion on this topic.

Let us first understand the role of a telecom billing software in the telecom landscape.

A telecom billing software is a crucial software system in the telecom sector. You may consider this system to be the heart of the telecom ecosystem. In humans, unless the heart is healthy and functioning well, the rest of the body cannot function optimally and cannot produce any effective work output. The same is true for a telecom billing software in a telecom ecosystem. A telecommunication system cannot function well without a stable, scalable and accurate telecom billing software.

The telecom billing system performs the role of a background billing and rating engine, calculates and applies the appropriate charges to the customer accounts, generates and sends invoices, and helps in collecting payments. The billing system contains all the crucial information such as product and pricing information, plans and bundles, discounts and usage quotas, credits and refunds, and more. The other software systems in the telecom ecosystem depend on this ‘billing information’ heavily. 

For example, the CRM system needs all the latest information about invoices and payments for all customer accounts. Without this information, the front desk agent cannot talk to the customer. Similarly, the accounting system needs the revenue information from the billing system so that the same can be used to prepare the accurate financial records for the company.

So with this background context about the telecom billing software, lets explore this question in greater detail:

How telecom billing software differentiates you? or How to create a USP for your telecom business?

As a telecommunications service provider, it is important to choose the right billing software platform that meets your requirements. The crucial point here is that the telecom billing system controls and influences a lot of critical points about your company’s service and how you are perceived as a service provider by the end customers. 

The end customers, they will be watching how you will be rating and charging them for various usages, whether your charging is accurate, whether you provide the due and promised discounts correctly, are you providing the free usage promised to them in your plans, how well is your invoice and account statement branded, are you doing timely billing, how effective your automated communication is, how do you collect and track payments, and more!

Let us look at the points that can differentiate you as a Telecommunications Service Provider with the choice of your Telecom Billing Software or how to create a USP for your telecom business:

🔴 Find a like-minded Partner from one of the Telecom Billing Companies

Do a thorough analysis of your billing platform. Select a partner that can work well with you. Search and find a right billing solution for your requirements. When you shortlist only a handful, talk to the vendors and make your decision based on whom you can align with in the long run. 

The cost is definitely a factor, but also check the capabilities of the platform and the team that will be involved in the implementation. Make sure you choose a partner who not only says all the right things, but also comes across as a professional unit and can deliver the goods in a timely manner.

🔴 Have a Level Playing Field in the Competitive Market

With a telecom billing system in place, you will be able to compete in the market with a level playing field. If you do not invest in a good system, the likelihood of your company succeeding in a big way will reduce quite a bit. 

🔴 Turn your Problems into Opportunities

As a telecom provider, you may start with certain disadvantages with respect to the technology and the services that you offer. However, with the telecom billing software customised to meet your needs, you can turn these problems into opportunities by neatly positioning your service with an innovative price and creating a USP of service and cost.

It is important to gauge the flexibility of your billing platform beforehand so that you can quickly build the intended features in a short time and go to market with the USP as quickly as possible.

🔴 Build What you Need, Not What Everyone Else Has

There is a temptation to look around and start investing into systems that your competitors have. While it is important to know more about your competitors and how they operate, it is up to you and your business strategies to create that Unique Selling Proposition in the market for your products and services. 

There is also an urge that you need everything available in a big, pricey billing platform. That may not be true. You might be requiring very specific functionality from a billing system and may need to develop and build on top of that. With a big, pricey billing system, you will give away the flexibility and end up ticking a lot of boxes that you don’t need in the short to medium run. You can choose a platform that costs less price, gives you a lot of features out of the box and are relevant in the market, and allows you to build your unique features quickly.

The telecom billing software like EarnBill is an Enterprise Billing software that is available at a reasonable and a fair pricing. It allows you to build what your company needs quickly and surely. It is an enterprise software and meant for taking care of complex billing requirements. It will allow you to build your innovative pricing strategies in no time and start offering your products to the market. 

🔴 Believe in Strategic Investment, Measure Its Returns

Plan your 2 years (short term), 5 years (medium term) and 10 years (long term) strategic investments. Pick and choose the system where you will invest your time and money. That’s right, it is not just your money that you need to invest strategically. You also need to give your time to your billing platform. This is where some of the service providers could go wrong. When you work closely with your billing solution partner, very soon that initial investment of time will take you much ahead in competition. 

Once you invest with your billing partner for a short term (like 2 years), measure their value for money proposition. If they measure up and give you a good service, then invest further with your innovative solutions for the medium term and so on.

Think Big, Start Small and Ship It!

Yes you could be thinking big, but it is important to start with small targets and do an iterative release of your solutions and services. Don’t try to go live with your services with 100s of requirements in mind. Focus on the most important requirements, get those tested end to end and go live with a minimum viable product first. In a 2 to 5 year term, keep building and releasing iterative along with additions and changes to your billing platform. 

Don’t Follow the Crowd, Create Your Own USP

This is a no-brainer for the businesses. However, we are mentioning it here in the context of how the telecom billing software can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. The more unique and innovative features you could build in your service, the more you will need to build in your telecom billing software. 

You need a platform that provides a lot of out of the box features that can meet many of your requirements with configuration, and then develop some unique features very quickly. 

Remember, the big, pricey billing platforms can act like speed breakers for you and slow you down. Look for a customizable platform such as EarnBill. They are an agile partner who moves swiftly.

This could just be your recipe for a big success! Do evaluate and comment on our suggestions!

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