Product Catalogue

What is a Product Catalogue in Billing?

Products are nothing but goods or services like fees, taxes, usage charges, discounts – anything that appears on an invoice. A Product Catalogue in Billing is a collection of various saleable products containing other information such as descriptions, price strategy, availability, assets etc. integrated with the Billing system to carry out the business operations hassle-free.

EarnBill's Comprehensive Product Catalogue

EarnBill offers your business a comprehensive Product Catalogue designed as a complex Billing Product Catalogue to meet diverse business needs. It helps companies organise and manage their products or services effectively in a structured and user-friendly manner while supporting you with the most complex pricing strategies. Further, it comes with many out-of-the-box pricing models, including the ones commonly used in the Telecom sector, thus forming a complete Product Catalogue Management for Telecom Billing.

Comprehensive Product Catalogue
Comprehensive Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue In Billing

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EarnBill Product Catalogue allows you to group multiple products under one category by creating a centralized repository of your offerings, including detailed descriptions, specifications, and categorizations. With a well-structured product catalogue, you can search, locate, and update information about your offerings, making it simple to generate accurate invoices.

Further, the system enables businesses to set up names and descriptions of the products in multiple languages along with prices based on your requirements. The EarnBill prices include the pricing model, associated rates and other details. The EarnBill Product Catalogue also allows you to manage assets and can be combined into plans.

Besides, EarnBill enables businesses to apply certain availability restrictions (to accounts, companies, or by time), dependencies, and order discounts – because specific circumstances might require some business logic based on the nature of the product and pricing. EarnBill provides flexibility to use more than one pricing strategy/model through its chained-model approach for accommodating complex business use cases.

You can create engaging offerings at the correct price to stay ahead of the competition. With this, you can be confident about your core expertise and target market accordingly. You don’t need to worry about your product catalogue getting out of control due to any inefficiencies since EarnBill is an enterprise-level product built for complex billing, where we provide flexible features for structuring thousands of products – from simple to complex – so you will be able to successfully manage every single product, bundle, package and plan in your catalogue. Let’s take a look at some of the key features/capabilities.

Streamlined Pricing Strategies

Streamlined Pricing Strategies
Streamlined Pricing Strategies

EarnBill offers various pricing strategies in a configurable way for businesses to set up the best price model for their products or services efficiently. You can define different pricing tiers like volume-based pricing, promotional pricing or customized pricing models. The system ensures accurate application of the pricing rules to each transaction, eliminating manual errors and ensuring consistent and transparent billing. The businesses can increase their profits (cash inflow) by applying appropriate pricing to the product.

Customizable Rate Cards

With the EarnBill Rate Card Pricing feature, your business can create flexible rate cards based on your specific pricing requirements. You can define pricing structures based on customer segments, geographical regions, or product categories. The flexibility of the rate card enables you to tailor pricing models to meet the diverse needs of your customers, ensuring accurate invoicing and a personalized experience.

Product Catalog Customizable Rate Cards
Asset management capability

The EarnBill Product Catalogue comes with Asset management capability to manage individual assets and track asset’s life cycle once added to the system, which includes Available, In Use (sold or leased), and Released. Asset management is suitable for any product that holds some unique property or a limited quantity. Products that might be asset-managed include modems, domains, licenses, and phone numbers. You can add Assets individually, in bulk, or create on the fly during order creation. Further, you can define multiple statuses and customise names relevant to your business operations – for example, In Stock and Ready for Pick Up statuses & so on. Additionally, businesses can get complete traceability of each asset in the system through Order, Product, or Customer.

Benefits of EarnBill's Product Catalog and Rate Card Pricing

Enhanced Efficiency

By utilising EarnBill’s Product Catalogue and Rate Card Pricing, you can streamline your recurring billing processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency. The centralised product catalogue and automated pricing rules reduce manual efforts and minimise errors, enabling your business to focus on core operations.

Improved Accuracy

EarnBill’s Product Catalogue ensures accurate pricing and billing by automating the application of pricing rules and eliminating manual calculations. This accuracy instils trust in customers and reduces the risk of disputes or misunderstandings related to pricing.

Personalized Customer Experience

With customizable rate cards, businesses can offer personalized pricing to different customer segments. This enhances the customer experience, increases customer satisfaction, and improves customer loyalty.

EarnBill’s Product Catalogue and Rate Card Pricing feature provides your business with a comprehensive solution for efficient billing processes and effective pricing strategies. The centralised product catalogue coupled with the customizable rate cards enhance operational efficiency, accuracy and customer experience.

Choose EarnBill for your billing needs and leverage its powerful features to streamline your product management, pricing strategies, and billing operations.