Custom Fields

At EarnBill, we understand the diverse needs of your business when it comes to complex billing processes. To cater to specific requirements and provide a highly customizable billing experience, EarnBill offers the feature of Custom Fields. Custom Fields can be utilized in various aspects of billing, such as products, inventory, orders, payments, and invoices.

Custom fields can be used for recording information and reporting. They can also be incorporated into business logic to meet your company’s specific billing process requirements. Custom fields you create are immediately available through EarnBill’s user interface as well as through the API.

EarnBill’s advanced taxation module automates the calculation of VAT, GST or Sales tax in various countries. We have implemented GST in countries such as Canada, Australia, India as well as VAT in the UK and the Sales Tax in the United States.

Custom Fields For

Custom Fields for Accounts

Custom Fields can be utilized to enhance the management of customer accounts within EarnBill. Your business can add fields such as "CRM Account Number", "Account Manager" or "Preferred Payment Terms" to capture additional information about your customers. These custom fields provide your business with valuable insights into your customer relationships and enable personalized account management for better customer service.

Custom Fields for Products

EarnBill's Custom Fields feature allows your business to add additional fields to your product database, catering to your unique requirements. For instance, your business can include custom fields such as "Brand, " "Manufacturer/Service Part Number" or "Product Specifications". These additional fields provide your business with a more comprehensive and detailed product catalog, enabling better categorization and organization of products.

Custom Fields for Inventory

In this section of inventory management, Custom Fields in EarnBill can be utilized to include specific details related to inventory items. Your Business can create custom fields such as "Batch Number", "Storage Location" or "Expiration Date" to keep track of crucial inventory information. These fields offer enhanced visibility and control over inventory, ensuring accurate stock management and facilitating timely replacement.

Custom Fields for Orders

When processing orders, Custom Fields can play a vital role in capturing additional information that is relevant to your business. For example, businesses can incorporate custom fields like "Order Priority", "Delivery Instructions" or "Special Requests" to gather specific details from customers. These custom fields facilitate efficient order processing, allowing your business to prioritize tasks and meet customer expectations effectively.

Custom Fields for Payments

EarnBill's Custom Fields feature extends to payment management, enabling your business to capture additional information related to payments. Custom fields such as "Payment Method", "Transaction ID" or "Payment Reference" can be added to record specific payment details. This provides your business with flexibility in tracking and reconciling payments, simplifying financial management and ensuring accurate payment records.

Custom Fields for Payments

Custom Fields in EarnBill allows your business to tailor invoice templates according to their specific needs. Businesses can include additional fields such as "Purchase Order Number", "Salesperson Name" or "Discount Codes" to capture relevant information for each invoice. This customization will ensure that your business can generate professional and comprehensive invoices that meet your unique branding and reporting requirements.

Benefits Of Custom Fields In EarnBill

Enhanced Productivity

By incorporating Custom Fields in various aspects of billing, businesses can streamline their operations and enhance productivity. Custom fields will enable your business to capture and track specific information, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and ensuring efficient processing.

Increased Flexibility

EarnBill’s Custom Fields feature offers businesses the flexibility to adapt their billing processes to their specific needs. Custom fields allow your business to capture and organize data according to their unique requirements, ensuring a tailored billing experience.

Improved Accuracy

The ability to include custom fields in EarnBill ensures that businesses can capture and record accurate and relevant information throughout the billing cycle. This accuracy will minimize your errors, eliminate confusion, and contribute to seamless billing operations.

Better Reporting And Analysis

Custom Fields provide businesses with the means to gather additional data points that are critical for reporting and analysis. By including specific fields, your business can generate comprehensive reports, gain deeper insights, and make informed decisions based on the captured data.

EarnBill’s Custom Fields feature empowers your business to customize and adapt their billing processes to your unique requirements. Whether it’s capturing additional information for products, inventory, orders, payments, or invoices, Custom Fields enhance productivity, flexibility, accuracy, and reporting capabilities. 

Embrace the power of billing with EarnBill and transform your Revenue Management System!