Company Hierarchy

Company Hierarchy

What happens if you have several companies or product offerings, and you need to manage billing for all of them?

It might be possible that you are registered as a parent company and you are having separate product offerings registered as different company entities themselves. You might have started with one product offering and with your growth you would have dwelled into multiple product offerings. These product offerings might cater to every stage of the customer life cycle right from onboarding to cancellation or termination, thereby involving different departments and companies.

For example, think of a parent company called Alpha, with its subsidiary companies like Beta, Gamma, and Delta being your clients. It would be very difficult for you to have a unified view of all the accounts. It is beneficial for Alpha as a parent company to have a unified view into all its subsidiaries and have a summarized as well as a detailed report of all the transactional history.

It is important for such businesses to streamline the invoicing process and consolidate all the invoices addressed to different departments and entities into a single invoice. EarnBill provides a Wholesaler – Reseller support in its company hierarchy that can allow you to calculate the cost of running each subsidiary in a single invoice. It allows for the business to know the operating margin of each of its subsidiaries on a monthly basis.

Earnbill’s multi tenant functionality has the ability to create as many separate company instances as you need. For example, you could set up one or many companies, and each of them would contain their own billing information. The billing information would consist of the listed products, customers and billing cycles.

EarnBill has extended this functionality with the ‘Company Hierarchy’ feature. EarnBill’s system allows you to create a hierarchy of companies to convert multi-tenancy into relationship based entities. It is  possible for us to host unrelated companies along with client companies and associated vendors. Through Earnbill’s functionality it is possible to have parent-child relationships with these companies.

Managing sub entities and companies is a daunting task for your business and we would like to simplify and automate the invoicing part for you, so that you can focus on your core expertise and thereby think of adding more product offerings and drive growth. There is very little room for failure in this scenario, as consistent failures can tamper the reputation of multiple entities and companies. With Earnbill’s solution, you can be assured of an accurate invoicing and charging system. 

EarnBill’s solution can also improve your overall productivity by ensuring greater coordination among different departments and entities. It makes revenue collection easier for all your subsidiaries and gives a centralized control over your customers, products, revenue and costs.

Choose EarnBill to unlock the power of Billing and transform your revenue management!