jBilling Customization


Each and every business requires a customized software system that is implemented in order to meet its business requirements, regardless of the size of the company. A lot of new functionalities can be added to jBilling in order to enhance its core functionality without affecting its core.

No assumptions were made when designing jBilling. Various industries can use it – Telco, ISP, Cloud, and Subscription.

jBilling is the most configurable billing platform

Most configurable billing platform

You can configure accounts, create product catalogs, record orders and payments, and design invoices directly from the intuitive interface of jBilling.

You can group customers using account types, add custom fields to accounts – jBilling takes care of it all. Also, complicated subscription scenarios don’t require custom coding. Thus, you can easily adapt your billing.

Adaptable and upgrade ready jBilling

Adaptable, Agile, and Upgrade-ready

Powerful system plug-ins come with jBilling. But, want to customize it? It is costly to develop and maintain custom solutions for other systems. Furthermore, they can hinder further billing system expansion. It’s different with jBilling. You can quickly add your unique features with our plug-in architecture without modifying any core code. New business opportunities can be exploited by further modifying your plug-ins.
We can develop jBilling for you, or we can work with your team. 
jBilling is business growth friendly

Business growth-friendly

As your business grows, JBilling offers a cloud architecture that is flexible and scalable. It does not matter what your needs are, jBilling is capable of meeting them, since its mediation, collection, and billing engines operate simultaneously, so you will never run into any billing problems.

Workflow automation in jBilling

Workflow automation

You can configure jBilling to work with custom-built apps or enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, Accounting, Tax etc. To simplify business processes, minimize the amount of rework and make sure all your data is consistent and accurate across all your systems.

Automate workflows to improve business efficiency by tracking steps across systems for various business functions.  

Increasing revenue is easy

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