The Significance of a Flexible Billing System|Flexible Billing Solution|Flexible Billing Software

A Flexible Billing System is crucial for businesses as it lets them adapt to changing requirements effectively and handle diverse business situations/demands without needing code changes.

At some point in our lives, we must have appreciated flexibility. For example, companies allow employees to work remotely or offer flexible working hours to accommodate employee needs. As a result, we at EarnBill recognize the significance of flexibility in the billing software, thus enabling businesses to change their functional behavior and handle different business use cases using various OOTB options/preferences.

On the other hand, inflexible software solutions do not align with growing business requirements, consumer preferences, or regulatory demands. Thus, businesses usually encounter challenging situations and pay extra costs to vendors for incorporating some changes. Eventually, sticking with such a system becomes expensive in the long run and affects overall business growth.

Therefore, a flexible billing solution is necessary for today’s age of competition and technology for companies to maintain agility, adjust to changes, provide a distinct experience to customers, and drive growth to the next level.

Flexible Billing System|Flexible Billing Solution|Flexible Billing SoftwareFeatures

EarnBill is a flexible billing and revenue management system with enterprise-grade features and capabilities. Below are key functional areas/features with flexibility.

➡️ Subscription Management (Plan Upgrade & Downgrade)
➡️ Invoicing
➡️ Pricing Models
➡️ Recurring and Prorated Billing
➡️ Automated Payments
➡️ Ageing and Dunning Management
➡️ Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support
➡️ API Integration
➡️ Mediation (Usage Based Billing)

Technology is emerging everywhere we look nowadays, making our lives easier and granting us the freedom to do as we like. Maintaining the same philosophy, EarnBill offers a robust and flexible solution that saves businesses time and avoids custom development to handle some necessities at any time without disrupting the entire system.

Fine-Grained Controls – Flexible Options ⬇️


1)  Adjustable Filters:

Every module offers more than standard features that allow you to create & manage things using user-friendly UI and adjustable filters. The adjustable filters enable you to add/remove custom fields for searching data based on your need, which you can do easily from UI whenever you need.


Flexible Billing System
Manage UI Sub-Sections:

2) Manage UI Sub-Sections:

EarnBill allows you to create your UI sub-sections using user-defined fields for capturing additional details in the customer module like temporary address, permanent address, work address, bank account details, and more. Further, the system does not restrict you on the number of additional custom fields. As per your requirements and preferences, you can also specify custom names, types, and validation rules for each field, which you can manage easily from the UI.

3) Customer Sub-Accounts:

You can also create and manage multiple sub-accounts (child) for a customer account (parent) to organize the customers efficiently. You can configure the account to choose specific invoice designs at the customer level, which you could send to a parent or child as required.

Customer Sub-Accounts:
 Manage Multiple Addresses:

4) Manage Multiple Addresses:

The customer module allows you to maintain multiple versions of addresses based on a period. For example, a customer requests to deliver the invoice to address “X” until March 31st; after that, he wants to receive the invoice at a different address, “XYZ.” In this case, the customer’s temporary address changes based on time, and the company needs to store both versions for communication and audit record purposes.

5) Versatile Order Management:

The module offers various options to meet your changing requirements via simple configuration. For example, renewal of subscription automatically. Notifying the customer on or before an order expires. Configure whether prorating is to be applied manually or automatically. It also allows you to capture additional notes at the order level with the option to include it in the invoice or not.

Versatile Order Management:
Flexible Invoice

6) Flexible Invoice:

The invoice generation module allows you to add a one-time (add-on) order to a recurring monthly subscription invoice (generated already) before sending it to the customer. Moreover, you can specify the custom invoice template at the customer level or create your own design. The module also allows you to link or unlink any extra or over-payment a customer has made. Further, it provides an easy option to refund or generate a credit note to adjust in the next invoice without refunding it.

7) Billing Process:

It offers both manual or automated options through scheduled jobs. It further allows you to review, reject/approve the report of the billing process and trigger the final run. It also gives businesses the choice of scheduling the payment process later or starting it immediately after the invoicing process.

Billing Process

8) Notification:

The notification module allows flexibility in creating/modifying the notification message template (includes subject, body, and medium type like SMS, Email) in different languages. You can also edit your message body using various built-in dynamic tokens.

It offers both manual or automated options through scheduled jobs. It further allows you to review, reject/approve the report of the billing process and trigger the final run. It also gives businesses the choice of scheduling the payment process later or starting it immediately after the invoicing process.

9) Time-based Pricing:

At the product level, you can specify various pricing strategies and rates according to time. For instance, until March 31st, the service charge is $5, but starting from April 1st, the service charge will be $7. With this, you can charge your customers appropriately depending on when they subscribe to your products or services. Further, you can configure rating units to convert from one unit to another before billing customers based on your requirements. EarnBill also allows you to link two distinct pricing models together to determine the worth of a product or service.

Time-based Pricing:
Comprehensive Product Catalog

10) Comprehensive Product Catalog & Asset Management Capability:

It offers a centralized place of managing your offerings in the context of parent-child or reseller companies where you might want to take control of all your products/services in your parent company while allowing child companies to define certain products in their own company. Further, it also enables you to define different pricing strategies for child company products than parent products. The EarnBill solution offers built-in asset management capability to manage and track an asset’s life cycle. The system provides flexibility in specifying statuses based on your business requirement – for example, Available, In Use (Sold or Leased), Rejected, and Released.

Importantly, with EarnBill, businesses get the flexibility to tailor/customize everything they need with its framework and plugin-based architecture.

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